I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement and support from these many organizations and individuals, decisions made after reviewing each candidate’s stance on a variety of issues in the District 3 Senate race.  Many have made donations to my campaign, and I want to be fully transparent regarding the source.  You can find contribution information on the Idaho Secretary of State’s website:  www.sos.idaho.gov

Professional Firefighters of Idaho
Idaho Association of REALTORS®
Idaho Farm Bureau’s Agra-PAC
Idaho Loggers PAC
Idaho Consumer Owned Utilities Association
Agriculture & Natural Resource Industry PAC
Kootenai County Firefighters IAFF Local 2856
Idaho State Dental Association PAC
Idaho Hospital Association PAC
Idaho Forest Group
Idaho Associated General Contractors PAC
Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry’s Idaho Prosperity Fund
Hecla Mining Company

“I am excited that Peter Riggs is running for the District 3 Senate seat. Peter will bring a logical approach to finding conservative, fiscally responsible solutions to the issues we face as a state.”

Ron Jacobson

“Peter Riggs will bring a refreshing and vibrant perspective to the Idaho State Senate – with a winning combination of business acumen, fiscal responsibility and a collaborative attitude. Peter is exactly who we need on our team to move the ball forward for northern Idaho.”

Jame’ Davis

“Peter Riggs is an excellent choice for the State Senate. He and his family have demonstrated a long-term commitment and history of caring service to this community. I’m confident he will provide that same commitment to the people he represents in the Idaho legislature.”

Rick Rasmussen
CEO NW Specialty Hospital

“As a former Idaho State Senator, Kootenai County Commissioner, and longtime businessman, I believe Peter Riggs has the experience and skills that are needed in the legislature today.”

Dick Compton
former County Commissioner & State Senator

"District 3 has an excellent candidate for the Idaho Senate in Peter Riggs. He is a successful business owner and leader, he is an exceptional listener and will provide leadership in our Statehouse that will ensure effective and honest representation for North Idaho.”

Jim Hammond
former Post Falls Mayor & State Senator

Letters to the Editor

Individual Supporters (so far!)

Randy Oaks
Eve Knudtsen
Jerry Lyon
Bruce Cyr
Martine Gorrill
Rachel Riggs
Doug Kearns
Jim Prussack
Craig Moss
Gayle Noyes
Jame’ Davis
Lindsay Allen
Rick Rasmussen
Ron Jacobson
James Casper
Dick Compton
Heather Keen
Kristine Miller
Sara Hartman
Johanna Brown
Gene Tanzey
Tracie Riekena
Larry Carstensen
Doyle Jacklin
Hope Newman
Ryan Davis
Dave Paul
Helo Hancock
Tena Bibin
Pat Whalen
Tom Torgerson
Art Elliott
Sharon Kearns
Char Carstensen
Nancy Prussack
Mic Armon
Dr. Kirk Hjeltness
Lauri Armon
Les Atchley
Cindy Haagenson
Lindsay Gorrill
Jerry Baltzell
Mara'd Sjostrom
Aubree Johnson-Chesnut
Katie Bane
Steve Griffitts
Greg Helbling

Kerry Blettner

John Magnuson

Kerri Thoreson
Dave Bobbitt
Rob Clark
Jerry Anderson
Luke Russell
Cathy Malzahn
Sally Allen
Todd Tondee
Sandy Riggs
Val Wilcox
Dee Dee Tondee
Janet Atchley
Dani Zibell-Wolfe
Jim Faucher
Michaela Corcoran-Hall
Chris Cheeley
Jeanette Compton
Keke Stoeser
Michael Bibin
Miranda Hamilton
Sharmon Schmitt
Tom Cronin
Matthew Colling
Jordy Patano-Power
Becky Anderson
Peter Howard
Mark Fisher
Brian Bookholtz
Sandy Patano
Jim Hammond
Terry Werner
Dean Haagenson
Ed Morse
Cort Wilcox
Cathyanne Nonini
John Young  
Wayne Brewer
Molly Cyr
Jolie Jantz
Abigail McWilliams
Lindsay Casper
Eric Teall
Dr. Cameron Chesnut
Ilene Moss
Tom Vietri
Dr. Leanne Rousseau
Artie Mehalechko

Steve Anthony

Steve Benner

Rich Houser
Cyndie Lempesis
Lauren Benedict
Chuck Mehalechko
Alan Wolfe
Marc Lyons
Jim Riley
Mert Malek
Beverly Marcheso
Deb Russell
Brenda Bookholtz
Heather Keen
Sandee Riggs
Brad Corkill
Kevin Rogers
Ralph Noyes
Amanda Thomas
Bert Thoreson
Dr. Jack Riggs
Stephen Johnson
Neil Ginter
Angela Vietri
Kathie Lyon
Ruth Gfeller
Chad Hall
Christi Fleischman
Len Crosby
Greg Gfeller
David Fleischman
Maggie Lyons
Tom Malzahn
Linda Wilhelm
Tom Stoeser
Don Allen
Claudia Brennan
Holly Houston
Josh Power
Barbara Baltzell
Melissa Hjeltness
Mark Compton
Ron Riggs
Pam Houser
John Marcheso
Bill Booth
Susan Jacobson
Jack Sjostrom
Sid Smith

Elmer Hingston