I’m an Idaho State Senator because Idaho is, and always has been, my home.  I was born, raised and educated in this conservative state.  I married a beautiful woman from Idaho and our two sons were born, and are being raised, right here in North Idaho.  I’ve worked with other Idahoans to build businesses and provide local jobs that have made our community stronger.  Instilled with conservative Republican values, I will never stop working to ensure the strongest future possible for Idaho.

As a conservative, I will defend and expand the freedoms we’ve fought for, like the miracle of life and our Second Amendment. I will also fight for new and better solutions for education, growth, property taxes, healthcare, and other critical issues facing Idaho.  The future of Idaho depends on the choices we make today.


I grew up in a medical family here in Kootenai County, because my dad started all the urgent care centers here 35 years ago. Because of this, early on I learned the importance of medical patients as individual human beings with the ability to make their own informed choices. America has the best medical care system in the world, and we should fight against the calamity of socialized medicine that we see in Europe or Canada.

We don’t want or need the federal government to run our health care system. I agree with the Heritage Foundation that “Health care reform should be a patient-centered, market-based alternative that empowers individuals to control the dollars and decisions regarding their health care.”

Defense of Life

I believe in the sanctity of human life, born and unborn. As a life-long Christian, I turn to the Lord to help guide me in my thoughts and actions. I believe it is my duty, as a Christian, to protect life whenever possible.

Second Amendment

I firmly support and uphold  the U.S Constitution, and its Bill of Rights, especially the First, Second, and Tenth Amendments protecting our right to free speech, our right to keep and bear arms, and guaranteeing that we can protect ourselves from Federal overreach.  I pledge to protect these freedoms.


My great-grandparents moved here in the early 1930’s. My grandparents grew up here, and when my father was born here, he was delivered by the same doctor that would deliver me 25 years later. For generations my family has witnessed the changes here in Kootenai. So much of the history of this area was built on industries such as timber and mining.

Yet the Kootenai County of today is remarkably different than it was. Change is inevitable…how we manage it is what makes the difference. Post Falls and Rathdrum are two of the fastest growing cities in one of the fastest growing states in the country. We need to plan diligently in order to maintain the affordability of the houses and neighborhoods that we call home. We need a new plan to rein in property tax increases that are putting native Idahoans at risk of being unable to stay in their homes.

Quality Education

There is no more important goal then having a high-quality educational system for Idaho’s children. Giving them the tools and preparation they need today will help equip them for greater successes later, such as on-time graduation from high school and pursuing some form of post-secondary education, including professional technical training, community college or university, that prepares them for the workforce and for life. Built into that system should be transparency and accountability of the institutions, the teachers, administrators and the students.

Knowing that the traditional public school system is not ideal for every child, I support varied school choice opportunities, from public charter schools, STEM schools, magnet schools, private schools and home schooling in order to give our children and communities the best future possible. I am honored to be a product of the public education system in Idaho. The quality of the education we provide to our children directly correlates to the future we want to see in our state.

Property Taxes

Our private property rights are important! In a world that always appears to be growing smaller, whether it’s a growing population or the ever-intruding digital world around us, it has become increasingly difficult to protect our privacy and property from those that would seek to take them from us. It is critically important that our government protects the people’s property and honors the people’s privacy, and under no circumstance, become the very threat that the people need to fear.

Small Business & Opportunity

Our region is growing rapidly and changing.  Some residents say we must slow down or stop all growth, but we must remember that our community is not in its admired position by accident.  Together, we’ve worked tirelessly to shape this community by making the transition from the sole reliance on traditional industries to increased employment in the areas of small business, healthcare, tourism and education.

Whether you’ve been here for five days or five generations, Idahoans have the opportunity to be part of shaping and building a stronger, more independent Idaho.  As Idahoans, we are responsible for our own future, which depends on those who are not afraid of the hard work required to build a safe and resilient community.  I am one of those Idahoans.

Growth & Road Congestion

As Idaho experiences unprecedented growth, we need to work together and give our future plans a level of thoughtful consideration which will be the foundation of our state for years to come. With an increasing number of residents of all ages, state and local government needs to provide basic services including public safety, quality school choices and well-maintained roads.

We must make sure we are meeting our financial needs in a way that isn’t harming our community through runaway property taxes or saddling future generations with huge amounts of debt. My great-grandparents moved here in the early 1930’s. My grandparents grew up here, and when my father was born in Coeur d’Alene, he was delivered by the same doctor who would deliver me 25 years later. For four generations my family has witnessed change and unprecedented growth in Kootenai County.

Much of our history was built on traditional industries such as forest products and mining, yet today’s economy has transitioned to include an increased number of small businesses, a growing healthcare industry, light manufacturing, and tourism. The Kootenai County of today is remarkably different from that of my grandparents. And, while some people don’t like growth of any kind, we now have greater access to these services, as well as the jobs they provide. Post Falls and Rathdrum are two of the fastest growing cities in one of the fastest growing states in the country.

North Idaho has lured citizens from across the country by its natural beauty, access to public land, limited government, low utility rates, and friendly people. As we grow, we need to be deliberate in our plans to provide and maintain affordable homes and safe neighborhoods. We need new approaches to rein in property tax increases that are putting longtime homeowners at risk of being unable to stay in their homes. Growth has also had a significant impact on the need to improve our transportation infrastructure. Some roads and streets are too congested and simply adding more stop lights is not the solution. We need to plan ahead, and act now.